Floating Village

The floating village is a cultural heritage in Halong bay.

People have been living in these houses for hundred of year with fishing as the main income activity. This beautiful Bay is also famous for many floating fishing villages with about 600 residents who sustain through fishing and fish cultivation activities… it is a magically calm place, an escape from the hustle of Vietnam streets. There are four residential areas of fishermen living on a bay, about 400 households totaling approximately 1000 people. The fishermen live on boats and floating wooden houses in the coze-zone of Halong Bay, which is dozens of kilometers away from the mainland. They have no home or land ownership and their main livelihood is fishing and aquaculture.

The Visitors often travel to enjoy life in some villages such as: Vong Vieng Village, Cua Van Village, Ba Hang Village or Cap De Village in Hung Thang Commune. Cua Van is the largest village with about 130 floating houses and a population of about 600 people. Halong is very rich of marine resource which the fishermen live on. They often start their work in the early morning and sell achievement for large boats carrying fresh fish to markets on land.