5 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO ADD HALONG BAY TO YOUR BUCKET LIST Every traveler has a bucket list of travel spots. This is a list of things you need to do before you ‘kick the bucket.’ In other words, thinks you need to do before you die. For most travelers, the typical bucket list would include classic destinations like Paris, London, New York, or maybe even the Pyramids in Egypt. Other than the classics, travel bucket lists tend to become very personal. And very regional. Most people would want to travel fairly close by-across their own state or, at most, a nearby state. With that said, you need to add Vietnam’s famed Halong Bay to your bucket list. Here are the reasons why.

Reason 5: It is nothing like anything you’ve seen before

For the most part, people travel because they want to experience sights, sounds, smells, and ambiances they haven’t experienced before. If these are what drives you to hit the road down the highway, across the state, or jet halfway across the world, then Halong Bay is definitely right up your alley It truly is nothing like what most visitors have seen before. Halong offers a very long coast line composed of rocky islands that seem to float on the water. When was the last time you’ve seen ‘floating islands’?

Reason 4: You need a break from the familiar

What makes traveling fun is that it pushes us to go beyond our comfort zones. Great travel adventures nudge us from the comfort of the tried and proven or the known and trusted to the great unknown. Halong Bay’s majestic views, great water, and overall ambience offer something that is not familiar to most people.

Reason 3: You need some much needed relaxation

There are 2 ways to relax: physically and mentally. Physical relaxation means taking a break from the everyday stresses of home and family life as well as work. Physical relaxation often means getting a massage, slipping into a hot tub or pool, and just letting yourself physically unwind. Mental relaxation involves letting go of the stresses of your daily live and focusing on a calming scene or meditating. When you go on vacation, the line between physical and mental relaxation is blurred. Depending on where you go, the mere act of going on vacation almost automatically relaxes you. This is definitely the case with Halong Bay. The mere sight of mist-draped islands that seem to float off the water and the jade horizon that seems to stretch forever relaxes both mind and body at once.

Reason 2: You need to step out of yourself

We have firm identities in our regular lives. Your friends, family, and co-workers know who you are and expect a certain identity from you. This is the identity you’ve established all your life. It defines you. When you go to far-off places like Halong Bay, you let go of that old identity. You slip off your cocoon and experience things anew. This is what makes long-distance travel to exotic locales like Halong Bay so awesome. You experience things through new eyes. There are no old roles to live up to. No identity expectations. It just involves you and your adventure.

Reason 1: You need an otherworldly adventure

There is something otherworldly about Halong Bay. It’s sheer magnitude. It’s spectacle. Imagine islands that seem to float out of a jade sea. Too wild, right? Well, it’s real at Halong Bay. There is a special calm across the coast. Especially during the morning. Taking it all in gives you an otherworldly adventure that engages you on so many levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, and others. If you want an immersive experience that might leave you transformed, run, don’t walk, to your travel agent and book a Halong luxury travel package.

(Source: SBWire)

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