When is the best time for us to visit Halong Bay?

The weather in Vietnam in general and Halong bay in particular are so diverse which leads to impossible to predict. Our worries about the weather are common things we cannot change – so stop worrying for your peace of mind!

Even when you do the search on any website, it is just for reference. Let us say this to calm you: for Halong bay, any time can be a good time for travel.

In other word, take it easy to make up your mind because an ideal vacation spot, Halong is almost a year-round destination.

Though notoriously difficult to predict, October, November, February, March and April are considered as the best time to visit Halong bay. The periods December- February, the weather can be cool and overcast with low visibility during these months. When summer falls between May and September, promotion can be found.

Cruise range from budget to five star and you pretty much what you pay for. Darian Culbert constantly stays abreast of Halong cruise developments in order to offer our clients the best cruise available at the best price. Our selection criteria are based on: prior client reviews, cruise management and staff training, facilities maintenance, itinerary, business relationship and advantages given exclusively to our clients on price and service.

Cruise itinerary and schedule are subject to change due to weather, tide levels and operating conditions without prior notice.

Normally a reduced rate is charge for children under the age of 12 years.

In order to know exactly how much you need to pay for your children, please advise us the number of children and your children birthday.  Then we will let you know how much will be charge for your children based on the age of your children, policy of accommodation and the tour.

More people mean more discounts. Please enquire for more details. The final price will be privately quoted upon your own number of participants, time of travel, grade of cruise cabins and other detailed services.

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